The Giramundo Theater comprises the ensemble of the group’s scenic work, composed of 34 assemblies made from 1970, among which, 19 are still active, forming the repertoire of the company.

This repertoire is one of the most important collections of shows of the same group that has been known, recording in its trajectory the development of Giramundo’s work, its technical changes, its plastic and aesthetic influences and an increasing degree of scenic complexity, fruit of the accumulation of knowledge and experience throughout its history of five decades.

In this long overview, one can see the main axes of Giramundo’s work: (1) interest in Brazilian culture as a theme, (2) appropriation of the theory of art as a plastic and conceptual foundation of spectacles, (3) of music as an essential element of the montages, (4) the incorporation of animation and video next to the puppet theater and (5) the search for new forms of construction and manipulation of puppets.

The Giramundo theater is organized around a permanent group of puppeteers, builders and directors who often devote entire lives to the craft of puppet theater, a succession of artists responsible for the formation of numerous groups and professionals and the expansion of this genre of theater in the country.


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