The Giramundo Museum, opened in 2001, is a space for the preservation, exhibition and permanent research of the production of the Giramundo Group and the puppet theater in general. It preserves and keeps the puppets alive, on display or performance. Its collection consists of more than one thousand five hundred dolls, 35 members who tell the story of the group, as well as hundreds of original drawings and technical projects by Álvaro Apocalypse, scenography and costume studies, and a large archive of documents and books about Puppet Theater around the world.

Today the Giramundo Museum and school are moving in their strategic planning for a merger, where education and culture join together in a series of complementary activities.


In 2015 the Museum operated only with scheduled visits and received 2,655 visitors of all ages and of both sexes, mostly students (especially children and university students), teachers, tourists and the general public. In addition to the guided tours, 22 theatrical sketches and 17 workshops “Contos de Sombra e Luz” were held.

It is important to note that the Giramundo Museum has not had sponsorship support since 2007, so all activities are voluntary responses of the group to the strong demand of the population and schools, which practically prevent the Museum from being closed.


The main objective of the project sponsored by Banco Mercantil do Brasil through the Municipal Law of Incentive to Culture, is the reopening of the Giramundo Museum, expanding the current access through scheduling, by open access in the opening hours. Certainly this fact changes much in the Giramundo Museum, contributing decisively to improve and accelerate the execution of its objectives of preserving its collection and spreading knowledge. Opening hours of the Giramundo Museum from Monday to Friday, from 10am to 4pm, and Saturdays from 3pm to 6pm at 245, Varginha Street – Floresta, Belo Horizonte / MG.


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