The Giramundo Museum has several themed exhibitions organized and ready for exhibition. The Giramundo exhibitions are suitable for schools, creating an alternative entertainment that attracts the attention of teachers and students. The following exhibitions are available:

expo “brasil in puppets”

Important periods of Brazilian history portrayed by the Giramundo puppets in montages such as “The Guarany” (colonial period), “Tiradentes” (Inconfidência Mineira), “Norato Snake” (modernist movement and indigenous culture) e “The Orixás” (Influence of black culture on the formation of Brazilian cultural identity).

expo “the animal”

Giramundo has produced a curious collection of animal puppets throughout its montages. The eco minitheater shows a series deals specifically with Brazilian animals, but all the shows in the group have some known or imaginary animals. The exhibition “The animals” is one of the most interesting exhibits of the Giramundo Museum, attracting the attention of adults and children.

expo “automatons”

Giramundo’s newest exposition is about an old theme that connects technology, art and puppets: the automata, automatic devices that at their origin sought the simulation of life and the reproduction of the living being through movement. These gadgets, built since antiquity, now take the form of robots, indicating an unpredictable future, which unites everyday life with science fiction. The exhibition “Automatons” tells a little of the history of these simulacra, showing their principles of operation and mechanisms most used.

expo “music and puppets”

The music is a companion of the Giramundo in an important collection of montages based on classic musical works, such as “Peter and the wolf” (Sergei Prokofiev), “The magic flute” (W. A. Mozart), “The Guarany” (Carlos Gomes), “El Retablo de Maese Pedro” (Manuel de Falla) e “The carnival of the animals” (Camille Saint-Saëns). The group has also performed with Brazilian popular music – “Tiradentes” (Celso Adolfo), with contemporary music – “Le Journal” and “Pinocchio” (O Grivo), as well as important tracks by Lindembergue Cardoso in “Norato Snake” The Natural Relations “and” Auto das Pastorinhas”.

This musical experience is the basis of the exhibition “Music and Puppets”. The show seeks to unite the appreciation of the puppets in action with the sensitive experience of music, relating form, movement and sound, in a dramatic context.

expo “genres of the puppet theater”

The show unites the history and technical development of the puppet theater by describing its main types of puppets and their manipulation systems. Thus, puppets, ballet puppets, stick figures, and shadow puppets are presented, contextualized in the concrete cultural forms they have assumed at different times and places.

expo “giramundo heroes and villains”

The exhibition Heroes and Villains presents the trajectory of 40 years of Giramundo, through its main characters, antagonistic poles that create the dramatic conflicts of each show. Besides the fundamental oppositions of the plots and the tension between the opposites, the collection reveals the technical and plastic transformations of one of the most important puppet theater groups in Brazil.


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