“Giramundo’s museum is a ship, a gigantic toy, a cornucopia of stories. It’s the home of the puppets, that move about in the theater and sometimes go out for a stroll (or to be repaired). There we can find Álvaro Apocalypse inventing creatures – and Brasil, in puppets. If we look closely, we see the invisible, the hidden gears. There are plenty of animals, painted, and there are masked people, ballerinas, dragons, there are saints and soldiers. Therefore, it’s a living museum, an enchanted castle, with jets of colors, a thousand little eyes, voices in the air, a light that cannot be. Of the curtains, the other side.”

The Giramundo Museum is guardian of the largest puppet theater collection in the Americas. Its collection is distinguished from other similar ones by being “alive”, with great part of the original spectacles still in activities. Also featured in the collection is a large collection of drawings and technical projects by Álvaro Apocalypse, one of the greatest creators of the world puppet theater. A collection of historical histories of the Giramundo and relevant and of great beauty, documenting a trajectory and the puppets of the group. Most of this material is still in progress, deserving and stimulating an edition that is part of its importance.

As important as the material heritage of the group is its “immaterial” patrimony, its know-how, represented by its process of planning and construction of refined dolls over 40 years of history, 40 montages and 1000 dolls. This set of knowledge, stored and developed by the members of the group, has great value, for its educational and social potential.

Thus, the Giramundo Museum and school are moving in their strategic planning for a merger, where education and culture join together in a series of complementary activities aimed at the preservation of Giramundo’s work and, at the same time, as a vehicle for education and social transformation.


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