Giramundo was created in 1970, by the plastic artists Álvaro Apocalypse, Tereza Veloso and Madu. The group assembled 34 theatrical shows, building a collection of nearly 1,500 puppets and scene objects. His montages experimented with the doll in multiple forms, creating a varied technical and expressive panorama of the puppet theater.

In the 70’s and 80’s, the academic and artistic formation of its founders impressed on the group the methodological rigor and aesthetic attention in the planning of their puppets and spectacles. These characteristics, together with the interest in Brazilian culture, brought national recognition to Giramundo, guaranteeing its place in the history of the Brazilian Theater for its transforming action of incorporating adult forms and themes, dialoguing with formal, plastic and complex political issues.

During the 2000s, the Giramundo conquered its own headquarters, base for its Museum, School and Studio of Animation. During this period the group focused on the production of animations and digital content and communication through the internet. More recently, it started the production and commercialization of books, videos and toys incorporating the industrial thinking to its model of institutional sustainability.

Today, Giramundo is transformed: the idea of a theater group, which has guided its activities for 30 years, gives way to a multimedia nucleus, experimenter of an animation scene, where real puppets and their digital versions coexist. This mix of puppet theater, video, animation, music, dance and visual arts seems to be the territory of the Giramundo’s 21st Century.

  • Giramundo is a group of puppet theater, whose identity rests on the activity of building theatrical montages. But its center of gravity is progressively moving towards the investigation of the movement in its multiple forms, using various means to research this movement, among which, the puppet. This translation began with the researches in video and animation realized from 2001, notably the theater of shadow and the stop-motion and with the scene investigations, especially of the interface between theater, dance, cinema, music and kinetic sculpture.

  • The Giramundo is a group formed by many parts composing a museum-theater-school-animation-products structure that defines it, more as a reference center than as a theater group conventional. This multi and interdisciplinary feature of functioning matches the current organic form of the Giramundo.

  • Giramundo is a traditional group because it is the depositary of the artistic experience of a master of the puppet theater, Álvaro Apocalypse. Traditional but not conservative because, in practice, respect and care for history are not confused with repetition. Therefore, conserving its origins without losing the creative momentum is one of the most important impulses of the Giramundo.

  • Giramundo has been, since its creation, an artistic group influenced by the plastic arts, its currents and propositions. To this day, Giramundo has a “plastic theater”, where the scenic elements are created from principles of drawing, sculpture and painting embedded in the artisan tradition of the puppeteer’s craft. Today, Giramundo has incorporated Design as a philosophy and practice in its creative and constructive process through methodologies and technologies that have been transforming the group, bringing it closer to industrial processes capable of amplifying the expressive potential of the scene and the puppets.


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