The Giramundo is a mutant. His life, in 40 years so far, has produced dozens of montages, hundreds of puppets, thousands of drawings, hours of video and a lot more of stories. He consumed wood, people, and dreams, transforming all this into animated puppets. The work of the Master Apocalypse has not dissolved, and continues to run through new threads. In his swirls, Giramundo portrayed Brazil, danced according to music and inoculated experimentation on the scene with puppets. On this tour through Giramundo we can watch flashes of many moments and feel in the immobile gestures of their puppets, their life, that yes, full of movement.

1970-1980 | FORMATION
Giramundo was created in 1970 by the plastic artists Álvaro Apocalypse, Terezinha Veloso and Madu. The following ten years are marked by continuous learning and technical improvement – and already consolidate some of the bases of the work process of the group: the technical planning and the plastic problem in the construction of the puppets and the exploration of Brazilian culture themes.

Performance in this period
01.  Sleeping Beauty (1971)
02.  Adventures in the black kingdom (1972)
03.  Saci Pererê (1973)
04.  A Chest that’s very deep in this depth (1975)
05.  Master Peter’s puppet show (1976)
06.  Norato snake (1979)

Most of the performaces of this period are built within the context of partnership with the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG). With the Giz show of 1988, Giramundo begins to follow an experimental path influenced by currents of the plastic arts and the European puppet theater.

Performance in this period
07. The natural relationships (1983)
08. Auto das Pastorinhas (1984)
09. Circus theater of wonders (1985)
10. The Guarany (1986)
11. Chalk (1988)
12. Journal of a shy stranger (1990)

With a total of 12 productions, these years of intense production can be called “decade of the puppets and orchestra”: the Giramundo approaches the erudite music and, for example, it builds versions of operas – besides works related to traditional subjects and spectacles of experimental theater , street and educational.

Performance in this period
13. The magic flute (1991)
14. Le Journal (1992)
15. Tiradentes, a story of puppets and marionettes (1992)
16. The Brazilian Cortege (1993)
17. Peter and the wolf (1993)
18. Antologia Mamaluca (1994)
19. King Ubu (1995)
20. The animals carnival (1996)
21. Diary of a madman (1997)
22. The redemption for the dream (1998)
23. The spotted cat and sinhá the swallow (1999)
24. Gira Gerais (2000)

Period of great changes. In 2003 Giramundo loses its creators, Álvaro Apocalypse and Terezinha Veloso, ending the partnership with UFMG and settles in its own headquarters, which brings together theater, museum, school and animation studio. Puppets of the group go to the TV and the production of videos and animations in stop motion consolidates like a new field of action. The organizational structure becomes more complex, opening space for the cinematographic and multimedia languages – which will guide the next decade.

Performance in this period
25. The Orixás (2001)
26. Eco minitheater – The Natural Apprentice (2002)
27. Eco minitheater – Atlantic Rainforest (2003)
28. Eco minitheater – Savanna (2003)
29. Eco minitheater – Amazon (2003)
30. Pinocchio (2005)
31. Eco minitheater – Caatinga (2006)
32. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (2007)

Today, Giramundo describes a slow curve: the idea of a theater group, which has guided its activities for 30 years, gives way to that of a multimedia group that acts with real puppets and their video versions. The experience with automatons joins with the construction of giant dolls. The relationship with music intensifies, and the group’s puppets begin to be used in concerts and live concerts. This border between puppet theater and animation, music, dance and the plastic arts seems to be the territory of “Giramundo XXI”.

Performance in this period:
33. Walking towers (2011)
34. Alice in Wonderland (2013)


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