Giramundo is a mutant. Its life, in 40 years so far, has produced dozens of montages, hundreds of dolls, thousands of drawings, hours of video and a lot more of stories. It consumed wood, people, and dreams, transforming all this into animated puppets. The work of Master Apocalypse has not dissolved, and continues to run through new threads. In its swirls, Giramundo portrayed Brazil, danced according to music and inoculated experimentation on the scene with puppets. On this tour through Giramundo we can watch flashes of many moments and feel in the immobile gestures of their dolls, their life, that yes, full of movement.


The Giramundo Museum is guardian of the largest puppet theater collection in the Americas. Its collection is distinguished from other similar ones by being “alive”, with great part of the original spectacles still in activity. Also outstanding in the collection is the large collection of drawings and technical projects by Álvaro Apocalypse, one of the greatest creators of the world doll theater. The collection of historical photographs of Giramundo is relevant and of great beauty, documenting the trajectory and the puppets of the group. Most of this material is still unpublished, deserving and stimulating an edition that judges its importance.


The guided tour, for schools and groups, is one of the most important activities carried out by the Giramundo Museum. Interaction with the audience in the demonstration of the possibilities of movement of the dolls, the detailed explanation of mechanisms, the direct information about the spectacles, makes of the contact of the visitors with the monitors, a living experience and close to the stage performance.

The guided tour contains in its programming the presentation of videos of Giramundo, with content, according to the public, area of interest and age group. These videos can be documentaries about the Giramundo process, scenes of spectacles, animations and interviews with his team.

Another important novelty in the guided tour is the format dedicated to those with special needs who may have a contact with the collection adapted to their sensory possibilities.


245, Varginha Street – Floresta
Belo Horizonte/MG
Phone: +55 (31) 3446-0686


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